Your personal sawyer assistant.

Designed to empower independent sawyers like you, helping you to measure, plan, and cut your lumber with unparalleled precision.

Quality cuts

Plan and cut your lumber with precision and confidence.

Increased speed

Know exactly where your cuts are going to be, so you can cut faster.

Greater revenue

With higher speed and greater
quality, generate more revenue.

Created by sawyers, for sawyers

Dive into a suite of features meticulously crafted to enhance your sawing journey. From the initial measurement to the final cut, SawPlan is here to guide you through each step with absolute precision.

Our features are not just tools; they are your companions in every project, ensuring that no log goes to waste and every cut mirrors your exact specifications.

Explore, engage, and elevate your sawing with SawPlan!

Key Features

Precision Measurement

Capture exact log dimensions with state-of-the-art measurement tools.

Cut Optimization

Maximize material usage with intelligent cut planning algorithms

Real-Time Guidance

Receive on-the-fly cutting instructions for flawless execution

Customizable Profiles

Tailor SawPlan settings for individual sawing preferences and techniques

Material Savings

Reduce waste with efficient cut planning, saving resources and money

Project Management

Organize and track multiple sawing projects with ease


Seamlessly integrate with various sawing equipment and machinery

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate the app with an intuitive design and user experience

Cloud Syncing

Access your plans anywhere, anytime with secure cloud storage


Simple, no-nonsense pricing that
actually makes sense.

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